About Living Lights

About Living Lights

Living Lights are the UK's leading supplier of one of Europe's most successful and innovative lighting brands, Globo. Our lights are the most energy efficient using the latest LED technology and backed by a 5 year product warranty at no extra cost.

There are over 4000 different styles for every room or outdoor space available from the impressive International HQ and Logistic's Centre in Austria.

UK based Sales Office

Our local specialist sales team for the UK are conveniently located in Poole, Dorset.

The Living Lights offices and warehouse are located at 35 Wessex Trade Centre, Ringwood Road, Poole BH12 3PG. This gives you the confidence in dealing with a real business with a 100% customer satisfaction and recourse for any information required.

Our sales office and showroom is open 6 days a week, you are welcome to come and take a look around our extensive range.

Meet the Team

Andrew, Managing Director

We opened Living Lights over a decade ago, my aim was to support the area of Poole with a fantastic range of decorative lighting. I am very lucky to have talented team of trained lighting specialists with over 50 years experience in the industry. We have built strong relationships with customers locally to which we are highly trusted to offer our expert opinions solving any queries that they may have. I am proud to say our reputation locally has enabled us to develop our innovative lighting showroom displays, offering a diverse selection to help our customers find the perfect fitting for their home.

Oliver, Procurement Director

I have been working in lighting for the last 8 years during this time I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety positions within our business, developing my personal understanding of the industry and challenges. For the last 5 years I have travelled all over Europe and China to lighting fairs and exhibitions widening my understanding of latest innovations and product developments. From this exposure we have grown strong relationships with suppliers, working closely on product development and encouraging a constantly evolving display. We offer practical lighting for every room in your home, whether it is from a rise and fall pendant for your kitchen island or over dining room table too, a mother and child floor lamp as a backing or reading light. We are now planning to enter the world of smart lighting, changing our showroom displays to encompass this latest innovative technology, but don't be alarmed our ranges are very user friendly and have some great functionality! Of course alongside all the modern lighting we still display a variety of traditional lighting alongside retro lighting with new vintage LED bulbs or you can opt for the funky LED filament bulbs to create your own unique living space. Whatever your requirements we are sure to have something to offer you at Living Lights.

Dave, Showroom Manager

I joined the Living Lights team back in 2014 bringing over 30 years of lighting experience with me. I spent a bit of time working in America which is where I was shown a real insight into professional customer service, the American's are well known for this. Since joining I have encouraged a similar work ethic with myself and my team. We aim to offer the best customer service utilising our depth of experience through the industry, our fantastic supply base and our welcoming and friendly ethos towards customers. Lighting is key in your home, the difference of having undercabinet lighting, plinth lighting, recessed LED floor washers or other types of subtle back lighting is integral in creating the right mood for your home. Ambient lighting teamed with the right centre reto style centre light, rustic table lamps, modern reading lights or antique wall lights can make a huge difference to the style of your room. We aim to offer a variety of retro style lights, rustic style lights, modern lighting, ultra-modern lighting, showpiece lighting, practical lighting, task lighting, wall lighting, floor lights and table lamps to suit any of our customers’ requirements. Our vast product range and detailed knowledge will make using living lights the only choice for your home lighting solutions.  

Carol, Sales Executive

I have been a member of the team here at Living Lights for a number of years. Within the business I oversee sales and liase with customers regarding their orders and any specific enquiries. I also have responsibilities on the marketing side of the company. Our range is vast, diverse and one of the best things about our products is that many of our ranges come complete with side lamps, wall lights, table lamps and larger pendants and ceiling features. This is perfect for our customers who are looking to diversify a space within their home. Some people don't know this but we can also supply a wide range of decorative bulbs and lamps that use the latest in LED technology.

Tom, Sales Executive

I have been working within the Living Lights team for 3 years now and in that time have developed an extended knowledge on the industry we operate in and ranges of products we sell. It has been interesting to see in only a handful of years how much both style and design of our items as well as the technology used has changed. As these products continue to develop our fantastic team and the service we provide remains a constant. Alongside my responsiblities in the sales team I am also involved in our website design. We reflect our brilliant customer service in store just as much online, any issues and quieries will be dealt with as soon as this arises. The products on our website are updated on a regular basis to ensure that our customers have the very latest information with regards to the stock of our items. All I have learned in my time here has helped me to grow in confidence and help our customers find the best suited products for them. This experience and training has been invaluable to me, and I look forward to working with you all very soon!

Crinicia, Sales Executive

I have recently joined the Sales Team at Living Lights and have been really enjoy the opportunity so far. Customer service here at Living Lights is very important to all of us and I have learnt plenty about the industry since joining, particularly our prominent use of modern LED technology in all of our fittings available in store and online. This family business will ensure that all your lighting needs are catered for and we always endeavour to ensure that your fitting is right for you and you are happy with your purchase from us. I look forward to seeing you all in store very soon!

ESE Lighting Direct

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