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Bespoke Lighting

Custom Stairwell Pendants

The Perfect Finishing Touch

At Living Lights, one of our main values is excellent customer service, therefore we strive to help our customers find the most spectacular lighting for any situation that there may be, no matter the difficulty or size of the project, as well as this we understand that our clients are looking for a specific product design and require that perfect finishing touch for their space.

Whether it be getting the colour right to match your home or finding the ideal drop measurement to fill your space, our team of industry lighting experts with decades of experience and knowledge is here to help.

Our Custom Lighting service is also perfect for commercial lighting circumstances, such as business showrooms and hotels where a quality lighting fixture is a must, this is because custom fittings give a professional quality finish and highly polished look to a project, which will not only take a visitor’s breath away, but it will help to affirm quality and high standards that you will want to affiliate with your business, which will help to distinguish against the competition.

We are here to guide you when designing and planning that bespoke lighting design to blow you away.

Fully Bespoke Service

Inspiration and Customisation

At Living Lights we have an expansive variety of designs and styles available for customisation, so whether you are matching something you currently have or starting from scratch, our team can walk you through the design process step-by-step when creating your bespoke light fixture.

A lot of customisations can be done locally by our team in Poole depending on the level of customisation required to suit your needs.

We also offer a fully bespoke service directly from our factories in Valencia, Spain, for more complex design changes. During the more complex design processes we offer a 3D visualisation showcasing the final product giving you a full indication of what you can expect.

If you are not sure what custom lighting design you are looking for we can always assist you by providing inspiration and reviewing the location that you are looking to illuminate.

To book your free lighting consultation, please contact one of our experts as soon as possible.

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