How to turn your rented accommodation into a home

It can be hard to put your personal style into rented accommodation without making any permanent changes that could affect the amount of the deposit you get back. How your landlord furnished your rented accommodation may seem fashionable and stylish to them but for others, it could leave tenants running for the hills! A few simple changes can really transform a home from lighting to accessories follow our useful tips to turn your rented accommodation into your dream space.

Lighting is essential when decorating your home, lighting affects our mood, performance and mental health on a daily basis that’s why it's important to use it correctly in the space you eat, work and sleep. Lighting fixtures like wall lamps, down lights and ceiling lights, can illuminate treasured possessions and highlight favourite colours found in your home. Even if your home has many windows you’re not guaranteed bright lighting from sunny weather - especially in England! Artificial lighting from LED technology guarantees to make your home shine brightly day and night. We have a variety of product selections for our customers to choose from, that include wall and floor lighting fixtures perfect for any rented home.

Best lighting for rental accommodation

    • Floor lamps

Most commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms floor lamps are a popular choice for many households as they don’t require any permanent commitment. Easily tailored, available in thousands of styles and colours floor lamps don’t require any drilling into walls like wall lighting fixtures, which is ideal for rented accommodation properties and apartments. Floor lamps are versatile and can be easily moved throughout your home, should you decide to change the layout of your room.

    • Table lamps

Table lamps have always been popular with homeowners as they are very versatile and can tastefully interject colour or a pattern into a room. Mostly found in bedrooms or lounges table lamps are available in a range of styles and sizes to perfectly suit any rental environment, they take up a small amount of space and can be easily moved with little effort.

    • Pendant lighting

Interior designers and homeowners alike are finding that pendant lighting is a truly unique way to illuminate kitchens, offices and lounges in rental properties. Pendant lighting gives off ‘pools of light’ which is ideal for spaces like offices where concentrated lighting is appreciated, it also gives a soft and decorative light which many people prefer to standard lighting.

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