LivingLights go Solar

At Living lights, we began an external lighting project in August 2021, with the aim of becoming more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint, while trialling a new technology which can benefit our local community. We began the test in August 2021 and completed our findings by March 2022. We wanted to subject the solar products to least favourable weather conditions around our Poole premises. Our aim was to see if this is a viable technology to use in the UK therefore, eventually helping other businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.


At this moment cost of energy and fuel is going up and up, we have always worked with local businesses, whether it be supplying large chandeliers for hotels, restaurants or bars, through to working with Golf Clubs, Gyms or Shops on creating the perfect lighting scheme for their environment. We have always wanted to bring our customers a viable lighting solution that is not only cost effective to purchase but offers a long-term reward in reduction of energy costs. At Living Lights we saw solar as the next stage in the technological transition.


During this project we have saved an incredible 3,940 kWh of energy in just 8 months totalling a saving of nearly £1000 in electrical consumption. We estimate that in the next 12 months the newly installed solar lighting system would have fully paid for itself and then continue to save energy for the remainder of its lifetime. For us this has proven that not only the technology works but it has a long-term benefit to our community, we are now pledging to produce and ship these items as a net zero carbon product by 2030 including items we have already supplied. We want to be at the forefront of showcasing how businesses can become more carbon aware and reduce their energy in more ways than simply changing a bulb or turning off the light switch when they leave a room.


Since this project Stoborough School near Wareham has also tested one of our solar lighting products, they have saved over £1500 in installation costs and are now running a sustainable lighting system at no additional cost to light their car park. Steve from their maintenance team said that they were so happy with the performance of the new solar lighting that the school want more for other areas, and we are to thank for saving so much of their installation costs, "people don't realise the cost in running electrical cable outside".


We are now working on a number of local projects for street lighting in and around West Moors to help our community in reducing the carbon footprint and preserve our environment further. We can't wait to share more of these updates with you on how we are working to innovate in our field of expertise.