Save money on your energy bills with LED lighting

LED lighting has been sweeping the nation for the past decade but LED technology has been developing since the 1960’s - that’s over 50 years! LED stands for light emitting diode and it is a more energy efficient and safer alternative than incandescent lighting bulb products that are on the market. They also produce light 90% more efficiently into their surroundings than incandescent light bulbs, save on your energy bills this Christmas and all year round with Living Lights LED range.

The benefits of LED lighting

    • Energy efficient

LED lights use 50% less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen competitors. The fact it uses less electricity means you will see a dramatic difference in the cost of your energy bills whether for residential or commercial buildings. The issue with common light bulbs is due to the shape and design it emits light and heat in all directions, which wastes energy. With LED lighting it aims light hemispherically rather than spherically, which looks better and is more cost-effective.

    • Durable

LED lights are resistant to breakages as they do not contain any glass or quartz which are prone to damages. LED products are immune to vibrations and other impacts, which contributes to their approximate 30,000-50,000 hour lifespan. The thermal management techniques in LED lighting is the reason for their success and popularity as they use heat sinks to absorb the heat produced by the lights, which keeps it from overheating and burning out.

    • Extended life

As mentioned previously LED light bulbs can last for 30,000 to 50,000 hours, while a incandescent bulb only lasts for 1,000 hours, depending on the quality of the lighting fixture. Unlike incandescent bulbs they don't burn out or suddenly stop working, LED lights simply dim over time. They are practically recommended for the commercial sector as they require little maintenance and replacement which will reduce labour costs.

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