Stairwell Lighting that's perfect for my home!

Stairwell Lighting is becoming an increasingly popular product in our portfolio, we have seen over the past 12 months more and more people want to make a feature of their homes. This has widely been driven by the development in LED technology and the availability of multiple designs.

Our website now boasts some of Europe’s most modern, popular brands of stairwell lighting, from hand finished pendant lighting all the way through to 14 Light stairwell features, these can all be found at

The main growth in this market has been the introduction of easily adjustable designs. The latest LED technology allows fittings to come with a low voltage cable in which not only supports each head but also powers the light. These super fine cables connect to the fittings base through our lock and hold system, meaning you can fit your light fitting to the ceiling and make all necessary adjustment’s after it has been installed. This allows you to re-home the fitting if they decided to sell or move houses, but also enables you to create a space with multiple purposes. If you want to hang it over a table one day and then adjust it up the way on another it is easy and simple to do.

The fittings with our lock and hold system is the perfect way to light a modern home, from one suspended fitting you can create a cluster pendant or a beautiful cascade of lights, whatever suits your space the best.

New designer pendants are available for your home at a click of a button, we also have product video demonstrations on the home-page of our website. These show you some of the great product features and benefits for your home, go to - to see these demonstrations from our local team of lighting experts.

We are proud to be Poole’s only independent lighting retailer benefiting from over 100 industry years amongst our team of experts. We are always here to help on 01202 656176, or via email to One of our experts will be happy to assist with any of your lighting questions or worries.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us at Living Lights, we appreciate your support. See your home in a new light with Living Lights!