Stairwell Lighting thats perfect for my home! | 2022

Stairwell Lighting thats perfect for my home! | 2022

Finding the perfect stairwell light for my home……

Finding the perfect stairwell light is often a minefield where you have questions such as:
- What style stairwell light is right for me?
- How high should a stairwell light hang?
- Can my stairwell light adjust?
- How do I change the bulbs on my stairwell light?
- Can I fit a Stairwell fitting for a pitched roof?

These are always an interesting questions which of course have a multitude of answers, which
generally revolve around what each person deems as right for them. We have known customers
hang a fitting from the apex of a 6m ceiling cascading down to the floor to create a desired effect,
and we have known customers have a fitting 4m off the floor that hangs into a open window space
to get the benefit of natural light reflecting from the crystals.

As you can imagine everyone is different which is great as it gives us the opportunity to get to know
you, get to know your space and offer a solution that is perfect for you. Our experience in stairwell
lighting will help us ask you the right questions to generate a picture of what you want, slimming down
the options to something suitable for your needs.

We often ask:
- Is it the only light in the space?
- Do you want the fitting to be dimmable
- How big is your space?
- How high is your ceiling?
- What colours are your walls and floor?

All of this helps us to build an image of the hallway or stairway fitting that is perfect for you, we can
then look through our extensive ranges and suggest suitable options for your space. You can view a
selection of our ranges here -

Our latest showroom extension was built with this in mind, the bespoke ceiling layout is designed
showcase eleven 4 meter pendants with a selection of 1-3 meter fittings. The displays are
individually switched so that we can isolate specific fittings and give you a real life idea of how the
fittings will look in your home.

We can offer customisable fittings, where we have had fittings extended, re-sprayed and re-
designed to suit a bespoke space. We look after everything across this process, check, finalise all the
designs and complete a final specification file to ensure that your design comes to life as you expect.
We can also introduce our trusted installers to your project who can collect the fitting and carry out
the full installation in our local area.

Come and see one of our team today or email us at for more information on
how we can help you find your perfect light fitting.