Three unique ways to light up your home

There are three main ways to add lighting to your home in a unique and distinctive fashion, they are ambient, task and accent lighting. These three lighting techniques all create different atmospheres and ambience to any property, from a subtle to dramatic tone, create your perfect home with Living Lights this New Year.

Ambient lighting is mostly known as general lighting it illuminates the surroundings brightly and clearly, this lighting is commonly used in most rooms in British homes such as living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

Task lighting is a technique to create certain points of illumination to aid and assist people to achieve a goal, for example, task lighting could be lighting under cabinets in kitchens, or bollard lights in gardens or driveways to lead to a destination.

The last lighting technique you can use in your home is accent lighting, to create drama to areas or objects in your home or outside space. Often found in commercial and professional artistic environments you can apply accent lighting in your home to highlight sentimental or impressive objects to show their importance.

Quick tips for lighting your home fashionably

  • In your living room have you considered defining certain zones? Use different styles of lighting such as floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps to define areas of relaxation or artistic features, dimmer switches are also useful to create an ambience within the room.
  • Use accent lighting to create a style statement in your home, whether for family photographs or an art piece you want to highlight, you can create a talking point in your home with just a few simple changes.
  • Is your living room rather on the small side? Check that you do not own any large, statement lighting products already as this could be overwhelming your home if you do why not browse the Living Lights product range we have hundreds of products in a variety of sizes to perfectly suit your home.

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