Virus Protection - UV Germicidal Lamps

What a crazy time to be around, Covid-19 is causing more problems than ever and what can we do? How can we stay safe? 

At Living Lights we believe that technology can help to reduce the chances of us catching and passing on a virus, we have worked with leading product developers to find the latest technology to protect your home! This is called Germi-Lamp, our portable Germi-Lamp fires short wave UV Light into any room breaking down and sterilising the entire space from Viruses, bacteria, mite and mould. It's an easy solution to help irridicate any unwanted viral matter in your household, business or space of choice. 

The Sciency Bit: Ultraviolet Germicidal Irridiation has been used in medical practices since the 20th century, the ultraviolet light creates an inhospitable environement for microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and other pathogens. This radiation is let off by the sun already, however our ozone blocks this from our surface. This fitting brings those rays into a localised environement to dirtupt and break down the DNA of microoganisms, destroying nucliec acids. 

This product has been used in the medical industry's for years and is now available to anyone through our retail platform. We believe that this innovation can help to protect us all during this treaturous period. We have taken procautions at Living Lights to ensure our customer and staff safety. The product enables us to run a clean working environement and sustain a strong customer service without the concern for virus's. This works by setting the item in a room, pluging it into a standard wall socket and setting the timer, you must then leave the room with any children, adults, pets or plants as the process takes place. Once the time you have set it over you must leave the room for an additional 30 minutes to allow the UV to breakdown any left microoganisms including viruses such as Covid-19. Once the room has been left for this time it is perfectly safe to re-enter and it would have been fully sterilised. Another application is Gym's, Hotel Rooms, Changing facilities, Plublic toilets and spaces, Offices, Showrooms, Commerical Units, Warehouses, Sites and many more. The beauty of this portable UV lamp is its ability to be re-used, a simple solution to a growing epidemic.